1. Go to https://login.microsoftonline.com/?whr=endicott.edu

2. Enter your full Endicott e-mail address and click Next

3. Enter your password and click Sign In

4. You may get a message like this, click Yes

5. You should now be presented with the main Office 365 page. Click on Install Office and then click on Office 365 Apps

6. Next, decide where you want to save the Office installer. We recommend saving it to your desktop and then you can delete the installer once you're are done. Click Save

7. Click on the installer to start the Office install (should show up here if you using Chrome, if not, find where you saved it and double click to start the install)

8. Click Continue

9. Click Continue

10. Click Agree to accept the license agreement

11. Select 'Install for all users of this computer' and click Continue

12. Click Install

13. Enter the password for your Mac and click Install Software

14. Office 365 will now install

15. Click OK

16. Once you see this message the install has finished and you can click Close

17. Click Move to Trash

18. Restart your computer and log back in

19. Open any of your Office 365 applications (World, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) and you will see this window. Click Get Started

20. Click Sign In

21. Enter your full Endicott e-mail address and click Next

22. Enter your password and click Sign In

23. Click Not Now

24. Click Start Using Word (or whatever application you chose to do this step with). Done! Office 365 is now installed and the license is activated