Below are steps to install and update Adobe Creative Cloud apps. You should receive an e-mail from adobe to set up your account. Simply click get started, create your password, and then your account is created. 

Follow this link to download and then follow these steps once downloaded: ( )

1. Click on Start, search Adobe, and select the Adobe Creative Cloud app

2. You will be asked to sign in; sign in with your Adobe CC username (your Endicott e-mail address), your Adobe password, and Click Sign In 

3. You may be asked to set up 2 step verification if you have not done so already. Please do so as this as it will help you protect your account and password recovery

4. Here you will see all the apps available for you to install. Click on 'Install' next to the apps you want to install

5. Click 'Continue'

 6. The apps will now install.  Wait until all the apps you selected are finished downloading and installing

7. Click 'Open' to open any of the applications. They also will appear with the rest of your applications in the Start menu

8. If you open the app from here you might already be signed in. If not, sign in with your username (you Endicott e-mail address) and your Adobe password. This will activate the license for all of your Adobe CC apps.

9. Done! You have now successfully downloaded and installed the Adobe CC apps. For app updates, check the Creative Cloud app. The install/open button will change to update if there is an update pending which you should be able to run yourself. Contact IT if you need any assistance.