Trexler Wireless - Quick Start Guide

There are 3 different wireless networks you can connect to. Here is a quick start guide to the wireless networks.

Phones, laptops, and tablets

Any devices that supports a username and password for wireless should connect to TrexlerNET. This is the primary network and you login with your email address and password.

Guests and Visitors

Anyone who is visiting on campus and does not have an Endicott email address should use the network called TrexlerREGISTER. When connecting to this network your device should launch a captive portal page shown below.  Visitors should select the “Visitors and Guests” tile and then accept the end user agreement to get internet access for 24 hours.


Gaming Consoles, Smart TVs, IoT, and all other special devices

Any Endicott resident device which does not support connecting to TrexlerNET needs to connect to get a key code password. This is done by connecting to TrexlerREGISTER and selecting the “Student, Faculty, and Staff” tile and login with your email address and password. You can alternatively go to the website directly at to get a code.

At this point you will be able to generate either a key code for a regular key code or a special gaming devices keycode with special firewall and NAT type rules. If you don’t know what you need please select “Standard”.

You will then be given a key code you can use on the TrexlerKEYCODE network for 1 year.

When you connect to the TrexlerKEYCODE network you will be prompted to enter this 8-digit password to gain internet access.

NOTE: If you need to add a second device which also does not support email address login you will need to create a second keycode. Each of your devices needs it own unique keycode.