To Download the Zoom application onto your computer.

CLICK HERE and click Zoom Client for Meetings to download the free app that will run on your computer.

This app will replace your need to go to the webpage for many things.


Setting up your Zoom account for advising:

These settings will apply to your Zoom personal meeting room. Calls on your account can not be in progress while these changes are made.

- Log into

- Click Settings on the left side of the screen.

Under Schedule Meeting: Turn on Join before host. Guests can enter the room before the host of the call logs in this.

Turn on Use Personal Meeting ID when starting an instant meeting. This will mean that your personal meeting ID will be used by default when you log in.

Click In Meeting (Basic)

Turn off Private Chat if you want all messages in the chat to be visible to all.

Turn on File Transfer. This will allow for word docs, pdfs etc to be sent via chat. You can also limit file types or leave this option off.

Click In Meeting (Advanced)

*** note: turning the closed captioning option on will not caption meetings. It activates support for 3rd party captioning services ***

Turn on Allow users to select stereo audio in their client settings, this can prove helpful in troubleshooting audio issues.

- Turn On Waiting Room. This will put all guests in a hold so that they do not join your meeting that could already be in progress. This will allow for privacy for advising. The host will be presented with a list of people in the waiting room and will have the option to allow one person in at a time or multiple.

***You are now free to close the page***


 Change your profile picture:

- Log into

- Click Profile on the left side of the screen.

- Under your profile picture, click Change. It is here that you can upload an image and select what part will be shown as your account profile. Note that this image is what will be displayed when you are not sharing your camera.

***You are now free to close the page***


Change your account information:

- Log into

- Click Profile on the left side of the screen.

- To the far right of the page, in line with your name, click Edit.

- Adjust your information as needed.

- Click Save Changes.

***You are now free to close the page***


Setting recordings (of meetings not canvas sessions) destination:

- On the Zoom App landing page (when the program first opens), click the gear icon in the top right corner.

- Click Recording

- Check the box for Choose a location for recorded files when the meeting ends

***You are now free to close the page***


Set your Personal Room ID:


1 – Go to in any web browser.

2 – Click ‘Sign in” and enter your username and password (Note: all Usernames are the full Endicott email address).

3 – On the left side of the page, click Profile under the Personal header.

4 – On the far right of the line labeled Personal Meeting ID, click Edit.

5 – Enter your full office phone number (10 digits) into the field*. Example 978-232-2152 (can be used for calling AV for help)

6 – Check the box Use Personal Meeting ID for instant meetings.

7 – Click Save Changes

*If you share a phone number, you can use the checkbox below the Personal Meeting ID field and it will lock in your randomly generated ID number. Only one account can use a number as its ID.

***You are now free to close the page***