SPSS Installation Instructions for PCs

These instructions are for Endicott College students who need to install IBM SPSSS Statistics on their personal PC. The license code: ( d25dc29469c2d1c297dc   ) will activate the software until (5/31/21).

Your computer must be connected to the Internet during the installation in order for the activation to be successful.

Installation Instructions

1.    Download the (IBM_SPSS_STATISTICS_CLIENT_64-BIT27.0.1.0.exe) installation file at: SPSS Windows

2.    Open/Run the installer file. The Installation Wizard will launch.

3.    Click [Next]

4.    Click [Next]

5.    Select, “I accept the terms…”, before clicking [Next].

6.    Select, “Yes", before clicking [Next].

7.    Select, “I accept the terms…”, before clicking [Next].

8.    Select, “I accept the terms…”, before clicking [Next].

9.    Click [Next].

10.    Click [Install].

11.    The installer will take about a minute. When done, click [Next].

11b.    During the installation, windows will pop-up and disappear. This is normal.

12.    IMPORTANT: Before selecting [Next], make sure the check box for "Start SPSS 27 License  Authorization..." is checked. This will open the "Authorization Wizard" for applying the "License Code". If you miss this step, you will need to manually open the "Authorization Wizard" from: [START > IBM SPSS Statistics > IBM SPSS Statistics 27 Authorization Wizard

13.    Before clicking [Next], make sure the  "Authorized user license..." radio button is selected.

14.    Enter code: ( d25dc29469c2d1c297dc   ). After entering the code, click [Next].

NOTE: Your computer must be connected to the Internet for the activation to succeed.

15.    You should see the “Internet Authorization Status” dialog box. It should indicate “Authorization succeeded” in green text.

If successful, click [Next] otherwise click [Back] and reenter the license code.

16.    The SPSS license activation is now completed. Click [Finish] to complete the installation.

Your should now open SPSS at:

[START > IBM SPSS Statistics > IBM SPSS Statistics 27] to ensure the installation was successful.