3/27/2020 18:30

ECTech Summary: 

With the rise of what has been identified as "Zoom Bombing," Zoom has made a change to the default account settings in an attempt to lessen the impact of such occurrences. Zoom Bombing is when an uninvited account joins a Zoom meeting and begins to Screen Share inappropriate/offensive content. Effective March 26th, ALL Zoom accounts had an account setting changed to a new default setting that now prevent non-hosts from sharing their screen. As the Host of a meeting, Faculty have the ability to allow individuals the ability to Screen Share or you can turn the option to allow all participants to Screen Share at their discretion. Additional best practice recommendations for Zoom can be found in the article entitled Protect your meeting from "Zoom Bombing" or by clicking this link https://endicott.freshservice.com/a/solutions/articles/10000048023

If you have additional questions on this or any other Zoom questions, please submit a ticket by clicking the New Ticket button in the upper right corner of this page. A member of the Campus Technology Division will contact you as soon as they are available.

Message from Zoom:

At Zoom, ensuring the privacy and security of your meetings is our top priority. Based on feedback from our education community, we’ve recently released a product enhancement to give teachers more control over their meetings.


- Host Sharing Enhancements
As of yesterday, March 26th, the screen sharing settings within your account have automatically defaulted to “Only Host”. This setting gives hosts sole permission to share content within their meetings by default.


- How do I give meeting participants the ability to share?
If you’d like to give participants screen sharing permission when hosting your next meeting, simply click the arrow to the right of the Screen Sharing icon, select Advanced Sharing Options and select All Participants.


If you’d like to re-enable participant content sharing at the account level, please visit zoom.us/account/setting > In Meetings (Advanced) > and select All Participants.


- If your end users would like to re-enable participant content sharing at the individual level, please visit zoom.us/profile/setting > Screen Sharing  > and select All Participants.