MATLAB Installation Instructions for PCs

These instructions are for Endicott College students who need to install MATLAB on their personal PC.

Your computer must be connected to the Internet during the installation in order for the activation to be successful.

Installation Instructions

1.    Go to:

2.    Provide your Endicott email address and your MATLAB password if you have one or click [Create Account].

3.    To create a MATLAB account, provide your Endicott email address, location, first name, last name, then click [Continue].

4. MathWorks has sent you an email. You will need to follow the instructions in this email before you click [Continue].

5.    If you have completed the steps required via the email MathWorks sent you, you will see this page.

Notice in the upper right corner, your initials. This indicates that you are currently logged into you MathWorks account.

You now have two options. You are entitled to either or both: "MATLAB Online" or "Download MATLAB on your computer".

6.    This is what your MATLAB Online session looks like.

7.    If you choose to "Download MATLAB on your computer", click the link then open the ZIP file after it has downloaded.

Note the "Unzip to folder:" field, be sure that the files are going to a folder you desire. If so, click [Unzip].

8.    When the installer is launched, you will be prompted to provide your Endicott email address and your MathWorks password.

If you have not created an account yet, click [Create Account].

9.    To activate the software, you must accept the terms of the license agreement and click [Next].

10.    Be sure to select the "Licenses:" option and the "License (7070548)" to extend the license to June 30, 2020.

Then click [Next].

11.    Click [Next].

12.    If the destination folder is satisfactory, click [Next].

13. Select all of the products then click [Next].

14.    Chose whether you would like to add a shortcut to your desktop and if you want to send MATLAB information.

Then click [Next].

15.    Click [Begin Install]

16. The installation requires a significant amount of time. Be patient.

17.     You have successfully installed MATLAB onto your computer.

Click [Close].

18. Launch MATLAB to ensure the installation was successful.