SketchUp Installation Instructions for PCs

These instructions are for Endicott College students who need to install SketchUp on their personal PC.  To activate the license until (5/30/20) you will need to provide S/N: (VH-00323277-ALR) and Authorization Code: (a74d22b8afb6e5).

Your computer must be connected to the Internet during the installation in order for the activation to be successful. 

Installation Instructions

1.    Go to SketchUp's Download site at: 

2.    Scroll down to the Downloading SketchUp section of the page. You will have the option to download SketchUp 2020 or an older version.

(Screenshots for downloading an older version of SketchUp)

3.    Open/Run the installer file. The Installation Wizard will launch. 

4. Click [Install]

5. Click [Finish]

6. Select, "I agree to the SketchUp License Agreement" before clicking [Continue].

7,    Click [Sign In] 

8. You MUST use your Endicott email address and then click [Next]

9.    If you do not have an account with SketchUp, you will be prompted to create one.

Fill out the required fields then click [Create new account].

10.     You will see this screen. You will need to ACTIVATE your account via an email SketchUp has sent you (See step 11.)

After activating you account, click [Sign in]. If you have successfully activated you account, you will see the screen at (step 12.)

11.    You must activate you SketchUp account with the email SketchUp has sent you to proceed.

12.    Click the link here to login.

13. Provide your Endicott email address and click [Next].

14. If your email is correct, enter you password then click [Sign In].

15.    You should now see this page.

16.    This window should pop-up. Click [Start Trial].

17. You will need to provide S/N: (VH-00323277-ALR) and Authorization Code: (a74d22b8afb6e5) to activate the software until (5/30/20).

First create a new model.

18.    Select [Help]

19.    Select [Manage License]

20. Select [Classic]

21.    Select [Add License...]

22.    Provide the S/N: (VH-00323277-ALR) and Authorization Code: (a74d22b8afb6e5) then click [Add License].

23.    The "Expires" line should now say: June 30, 2020. Close this window.