SOLIDWORKS Installation Instructions for PCs 

These instructions are for Endicott College students who need to install SolidWorks on their personal PC. 

Students can use the Student Design Kit for SolidWorks access. To access the “Student Design Kit” (SDK) go to

Your computer must be connected to the Internet during the installation in order for the activation to be successful.

Installation Instructions

1.    All of the following fields need to be completed:

    1.)    Yes

    2.)    Enter this "SDK-ID": 9SDK2019

    3.)    Select the version your instructor recommends

    4.)    Enter your Endicott email address. SolidWorks will be sending you an email with two "Serial Numbers"

    5.)    Select "Student"

Then click [Request Download]

2.  Click [Accept Agreement & Continue] 3.  Click (Download) -- You should then see the download proceeding.

4.  Open "SolidWorksSetup.exe" when the download has completed. This is a zip file. 

5.  You will be receiving an email from SolidWorks. This email will contain two "Serial Numbers" which you will need during the installation.

NOTE: For me, this email did not arrive until the next day. Hopefully you will not need to wait this long. If you do not receive an email, make sure you provided your email accurately.

If needed, contact SolidWorks support at:

6.  After opening "SolidWorksSetup.exe", you will see this dialog box.

Note the "Unzip to folder" field; be sure that the files are going to a folder you desire. If so, click [Unzip].

7.  In the target folder, you will find this "setup.exe" file. Open/Run this file to begin the installation.

8.  Select the "Individual (on this computer)" radio button. Then click [Next].

9.  Check "SOLIDWORKS" under "3D Design" and check "SOLIDWORKS CAM" under "CAM"

Copy and paste the serial numbers provided in the email you received from SolidWorks into the corresponding fields.

Then click [Next].

The serial numbers will be validated.

10.  Be sure to check, "I accept the terms of the SOLIDWORKS" 

Then click [Download and Install]

11.  This installation will take about 30 minutes.

12.  Choose whether you want to "Join the SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Improvement Program". 

Then click [Finish].

13.  The product will now need to be activated.

Open SolidWorks. You should find it at: [START > SOLIDWORKS 20** > SOLIDWORKS 20** ]

Select "I want to activate...", then click [Next].


    1.)    Click [Select All]

    2.)    Select (Automatically over the Internet)

    3.)    Click [Next]

15.  Click [Finish]

16.  Click [Accept]

17. The SolidWorks application will now launch.