If you are working on a Windows computer and Zoom session recordings are not editable by 3rd party software packages. An issue took place in the export and conversion process. In place of the normal .mp4 video files, you will see a file labeled "Double click to convert".

Step 1 - Right-click the file and select Open With and select Choose another app from the pop-up menu.

Step 2 -  Check the box Always use this app when opening .zoom files.

Step 3 - Click More Apps and then Look for another App on this PC.

Step 4 - In the File window that opens, Find the file type option list to the right of the file name field (directly above the Open button). Select All Files.

Step 5 - Click This PC in the file tree to the left.

Step 6 - In the search field in the top right corner of the window, search for " ztscoder.exe  "

    + Note, the search for this program will take a minute or two.

Step 7 - When the program is found by the search, click on the file icon and then select Open.  Double clicking will give you the same result.

    + The file conversion process will take the time normally taken at the end of recorded sessions to convert the file

Here is a YourTube link with the steps. (CLICK HERE) https://youtu.be/2ynj9-FjWfo