Adobe now offers a new way for your recent graduates to migrate their Creative Cloud assets from school-assigned accounts to new Creative Cloud free membership accounts. 

With just a few clicks, students will be able to have ongoing access to their assets, including work such as Adobe Photoshop images and Illustrator graphics, Adobe Spark pages, Adobe Portfolio websites, and Behance profiles. By migrating their assets, they’ll be able to showcase their work to future employers long after graduation. And they’ll be eligible for special Adobe offers that ease the transition to the workforce or graduate school. 

Here’s what it takes for students to migrate their assets: 

• They must still have access to their school-assigned accounts. 

• The new Student Asset Migration tool must be enabled in the Admin Console. 

• You must provide students with the following link so they can follow the steps to migrate their assets: 

Follow these best practices to help make sure your students are aware of the new asset migration service. 

To learn more, visit: