**Before you proceed make sure you have an Adobe Creative Cloud account set up. If you don't you should have received e-mail or will receive an e-mail within 24 hours to set up your account. Once your account is set up then you can proceed** 

Part 1: Install the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application (if you already have the app installed skip to step 2) 

1. Go to www.adobe.com and sign in

2. Enter your Endicott E-Mail Address, and click Continue

3. Select Company or School Account if it asks you

4.  Enter your Adobe Password and click Continue

5. Click on View All

6. Select the Creative Cloud App and click Download

7. The Executable should download and show up in the bottom left corner if you are using google chrome. If you are using a different web browser check your downloads. Click on the .exe file to install 

8. Follow the steps and install the application

9. Once the application is installed it may ask you to sign in. Sign with the same Adobe Credentials (Endicott E-Mail and Adobe Password) as we did earlier

10. Now the app is installed and we can install InCopy

Part 2: Install InCopy

1. Open the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application. If it is not open you can open by clicking on the icon on your taskbar, desktop icon, or find it in your start menu

2. Scroll down and find InCopy and click Install

3. Once installed the application will show up here. You can click open here and it will also show up in your start menu

4. Done! The application should be installed, test it out and make sure there are no issues, and you can follow these same steps to install any other Adobe Applications