If your distance participants are having trouble hearing you or other people in the classroom, please check the following items:

1. Is the light on the Samson microphone on the teaching station amber or green? If it is amber, that means the mic is muted. Gently touch the small chrome button under the mic icon with your finger. No need to push, it is touch sensitive. The light should turn green and make the mic active.

2. There is a selector switch on the front of the mic that has three positions. Please be sure the selector switch is in the middle position which is noted with an "O" .

3. Go into Zoom and start your call. In the lower left-hand corner click the small up arrow ^ next to the microphone icon. Then select "Audio Settings." Under "Microphone" uncheck the box that says "Automatically adjust volume." Also on the volume slider directly above that, slide the indicator all the way to the right so the mic is at full volume. Exit the audio settings box.