When you record a Zoom session to the Zoom cloud, the recorded session is automatically deleted after 120 days. If you want to keep your recording longer than that and archive it, you should upload it to YuJa, our media management cloud server. You can set it up to do that automatically every time you record a session to the Zoom cloud. Here's how you do it.

Step 1: Login to YuJa at endicott.yuja.com

Step 2: Under your personal icon in the upper right corner, click "My Account".

Step 3: Click on "Integrations" at the bottom of the far left navigation menu 

Step 4- Follow the steps in the screenshot below

    1. Enter your EC email address in the "Zoom Linkage Email" box

    2. Click the "Send Verification Code" button then check your Endicott email and copy the 8 digit code sent in the email (Note: the code will expire in a few minutes)

    3. Paste that code into the "Verification Code" box

    4. Check off the "Enable Automatic Import" box

    5. Click the "Verify and Save" button

YuJa creates a folder or "Channel" called "My Zoom Recordings" under your media library where all your Zoom recordings are stored. From here you can move them to other folders, publish, link or embed them to your Canvas courses, edit them, add closed captions, and many more things!