Before you begin installing Office 365 there are three important things to know:

1. IF YOU ARE A NEW STUDENT SKIP THIS STEP.  Go to My Endicott and change your password (click the ‘Forgotten or Change Password’ button). You must change your password before installing Office 365 (Direct Link:

2. No other versions of Microsoft Office can be installed on your computer when you go to install Office 365. If you have another version of Office on your computer you will first need to uninstall it. 

3. HOWEVER – your subscription to Office 365 through Endicott is only good for the time in which you are enrolled or work at Endicott. Because your Office 365 subscription will end once you leave Endicott, you will want to save the installer executable and license key for the version of Office you currently use before uninstalling it. 

1.  How to Download and Set Up Office 365 Applications (Windows)                        

2.   How to Download and Set Up Office 365 Applications (Mac)